Q: Do I have to have my driver’s license to work at RSI?

A: We require that you have a valid driver’s license to work at RSI for most of our positions. Many of our homes have company vehicles, and some require the use of a personal vehicle. Depending on when you apply, we may have some positions that do not require a license. Please contact us to inquire about these positions.


Q: Do I have to pass a background check to work at RSI?

A: RSI is required by the MN Department of Human Services to run a background check on all new employees.


Q: Are there opportunities for advancement at RSI?

A: Check out our Career Pathways to learn more about advancement at RSI. 


Q: What kind of training do new staff receive?

A: RSI has a robust training program designed to give employees what they need when they need it.  We offer a mix of classroom, online, and on-the-job trainingTraining is designed for adult learners and is often tailored to the individual learner.  This blended learning approach works well for both veteran staff and people who are new to the field.  Staff with prior training can move through modules quickly and share their knowledge with others.  Some of the types of training RSI offers include Medication Administration, CPR and First Aid, Person Centered Thinking, RSI Mission and Philosophies, Crisis De-escalation, Cultural Inclusion, any many others.  Specialized training for advanced positions is also available.


Q: What benefits does RSI offer?

A: RSI offers comprehensive benefits packages for part-time and full-time employees. Learn more here. 


Q: How do I apply?

A: There are several different ways to apply at RSI. Our online application can be found at www.rsi.jobs. You can also email a resume to [email protected] or fill out an application in-person at any of our offices. Click here to download our paper application to print at home.


Q: Can I be referred if I have a friend who works for RSI?

A: Yes, and your friend could earn a $500 bonus if you’re hired! To learn more about RSI’s benefits and incentive program, click here.


Q: Do I need to have a special certification like a PCA or CNA certificate to work at RSI?

A: Employees at RSI are not required to have any special certifications or training before being hired.


Q: Does RSI hire CNAs?

A: Yes. RSI employees with a CNA certification will begin with a higher starting wage.


Q: Where are RSI’s homes located?

A: We support individuals with disabilities and mental illness in many communities across the state of Minnesota, including the Duluth area, the Northern St. Louis County, and east-central Minnesota. For the privacy of our supported people, we do not disclose the addresses of our individual homes. If you have any questions on the locations of our homes for transportation purposes, please give our Human Resources department a call at (218) 727-2696.


Q: Does RSI offer internship or job shadowing opportunities?

A: Yes! Learn more about our internship and job shadowing program here.