Person-Centered Thinking

RSI was founded in 1978 by a group of parents who were looking for the most integrated setting and supports for their loved ones.  Our supports and services have expanded over the years but our focus on person-centered services has remained central to our mission.  

We believe that all people should be at the center of decision making and have a life that they desire.  Our goal is to provide the most innovative, person-centered environment to all we interact with by creating an environment of collaboration.  This is true not only for people we serve and their families, but also the staff we employee and the organizations we collaborate with. Person-Centered Thinking helps us listen to what is ‘important to’ and ‘for’ a person and build services and supports that will help the person live the life they want to live.

In 2015, RSI collaborated with three other agencies in a technical assistance program offered by the Department of Human Services to create person-centered system change throughout the state of Minnesota.  During this time RSI received three years of extensive training from the Support Development Associates and the Institute of Community Integration on Person Centered Thinking skills.  The PCT curriculum was developed by the Learning Community, an international volunteer organization of self-advocates, parents and professionals that shares tools and knowledge about how to best support people in getting the lives that they want.  

RSI’s person-centered Mission is to use person-centered practices to empower employees so they can facilitate the individual preferences of the people we serve.

RSI has developed internal resources and supports to continue our commitment to person-centered practices. Learn more about our Person-Centered training here.

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