Everyone Reaching Their Full Potential

RSI is a private nonprofit organization supporting people with physical and cognitive disabilities and mental illness in reaching their fullest potential in whatever residential setting they choose to live. RSI serves the Duluth, northern St. Louis County, and east central Minnesota areas.

Mission Statement
Enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by providing innovative services that promote inclusion and self-determination.

Vision Statement
Provide the highest quality services that meet the changing needs of people with disabilities to assure that every person, regardless of ability, reaches his or her fullest potential.

Our Values
Respect: Valuing and caring with compassion for the people we serve and all RSI employees.
Service Excellence: Creating services and supports with caring ingenuity that are results-oriented, create value, and are sustainable into the future.
Impact: Generating positive change through our services by working collaboratively to make meaningful improvements to the lives of the people we support.

Our History
In 1978, a group of parents created something that did not exist: a home in Duluth that could meet the needs of their children with severe, multiple disabilities. They had been told their children could only be served in faraway institutional settings. These parents started what is now RSI, along with the vision that all persons with disabilities can live successfully in community-based settings.

Today, RSI continues to develop creative supports to help people with disabilities live in their community.

Examples of innovation include:

RSI has expanded geographically as well, establishing supported living settings and providing in-home services and Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services across the Duluth area, northern St. Louis County, and east central Minnesota.