Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

RSI provides skill-building services to adults with mental illness who would like to increase independence and integrate into the community. Our experienced staff create partnerships with clients and their support teams to help them manage symptoms and overcome barriers to goals. We begin with an assessment from a mental health professional and then create an individualized treatment plan that incorporates appropriate resources, including chemical dependency programs when needed.

Mental health rehab practitioners and workers, who are supervised by licensed mental health professionals, support clients creatively and respectfully. They work with clients one on one and in interactive small groups on life skills in areas commonly affected by mental illness, including the following:

  • Managing symptoms of mental illness
  • Communication and relationship building
  • Navigating the health care system
  • Transitioning to independent living
  • Relapse prevention
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Medication education
  • Transportation
  • Employment
  • Budgeting and shopping
  • Crisis assistance
  • Healthy living
  • Community resources

Who is eligible?

  • People who have been authorized for services through Minnesota Medical Assistance
  • People who have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury or mental illness
  • People with mental illness symptoms that have made three or more areas of life difficult or impossible (determined at intake)

Clients may self-refer or be referred by someone in their support network, such as a case manager, foster care provider, medical professional or family member. We work with clients throughout Northeast and East Central Minnesota. Contact us to learn more.

Download/View our referral form here.