Residential Openings

Title Location Description
Adult Supported Living Setting Brookston, MN The RSI Westbrook Adult Foster Care program is located 20 miles west of Duluth on a beautiful 160-acre farm nestled in the St. Louis river valley in Brookston, Minnesota. RSI provides a variety of services at this unique supported living setting including self-care skills, household skills and meal preparation, vocational skill development, mental and physical health management, personal finance management, socialization, and a wide range of behavioral supports. The program is currently serving all males. The home is not wheelchair accessible and is suited for individuals who can use stairs independently.
Adult Supported Living Setting Cambridge, MN The Centennial program is located in Cambridge, MN, located about a block from the high school. The home is approximately a mile from Main Street which offers a wide variety of shopping, theaters and restaurants. Centennial is a four bedroom home with three bedrooms located upstairs and one on the lower level. Our open bedroom is located on the upper level of the home. The home is accessible and is currently supporting one man and two women ranging from their mid-forties to mid-sixties. There is also a dog living in the home. Caregivers at the Centennial home have training and experience supporting people with developmental and physical disabilities.
Adult Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN The RSI Dodge Adult Foster Care home is located in the beautiful and historic lakeside neighborhood of Duluth, MN. The home is two levels, with the main level being accessible and a wheelchair ramp leading into the house. There are three bedrooms on the first floor as well as a basement bedroom with a second living room. There are currently women in their 30s-50s living in the home. The Dodge home is within walking distance from a few small shops and gas stations and is about two blocks away from the public bus line. The caregivers at the RSI Dodge home have extensive person-centered training and experience working with individuals with a wide variety of mental health diagnoses, including brain injury, borderline personality disorder, and other long-term mental disorders. The individuals currently being supported at Dodge enjoy a wide array of interests and hobbies including walks, photography, shopping, sporting events, games, community events, and more.
Adult Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN The RSI Vermilion home is located in the Woodland neighborhood in Duluth near the Hartley Nature Center and many other city parks. The split-level home currently has an open bedroom on the main level, which is accessible for wheelchair use. The lower level also includes a living area, bathroom, and a laundry room that can be utilized by individuals living in the home. The Vermilion program currently supports men in their 50s-60s and would be appropriate for either a male or female referral. Caregivers at the Vermilion program have extensive training in mental health, behavioral, and medical supports.
Youth Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN Our RiverView Youth Foster Care home is located in the Morgan Park neighborhood in Duluth, near the zoo. With the Munger Trail and two public parks within walking distance of the home, there is a lot of opportunity to get out of the home and enjoy the recreational opportunities Duluth has to offer. The home is four levels, with four large bedrooms and two full bathrooms on the upper floor. The basement is a playroom for children to develop large motor skills, and the large finished attic is used as a sensory room. There is a large fenced-in yard with a playset. Due to the bedrooms being on the second floor of the home, it is not a wheelchair accessible space. The RiverView home is co-ed and currently supports boys ranging from 10-14 years old. The caregivers at Riverview have extensive training and experience in providing support and care for children with autism, Impulse Control Disorders, Communication Deficits, sensory needs, FASD, PTSD, and RAD.
Adult Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN The RSI Chester Creek home is located in the Kenwood neighborhood in Duluth. The home is a split level, with the current opening being on the upper level. The Chester Creek home is located near a shopping center and many outdoor trails and other recreational options. The program is licensed to support three individuals, two on the accessible upper level, and one on the lower level. The upper-level bedrooms are accessible and have an accessible bathroom. Due to the vulnerability of those who live there, the home cannot support individuals who display verbal or physical aggression. This opening is best suited for an individual with a higher level of independence. The team of caregivers at Chester Creek are well-versed in a variety of supports for individuals experiencing mental health challenges and physical or developmental disabilities. Caregivers and individuals at the home enjoy a variety of activities in the area, including frequent trips to the Lake Walk, Music in the Park, movies, shopping, and visits with friends and family.
Adult Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN RSI Oregon Creek is located in the Woodland neighborhood in Duluth, MN near the campus of UMD. The large ranch-style home is set on a wooded lot with nearby access to the bus line. The Oregon Creek home is fully accessible and features spacious bedrooms and hallways. Oregon Creek is currently home to men in their 40s-60s with support needs due to brain injury, physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses, and medical fragility. The caregivers at this location are experienced in using mechanical lifts and adaptive equipment, feeding tubes, diabetic care, and supporting individuals who use wheelchairs. Because of the extreme vulnerability of the people who live in this home, individuals who exhibit physical aggression cannot be served in this setting.
Adult Supported Living Setting Hibbing, MN RSI’s Howard home is located near downtown Hibbing, just blocks away from local businesses including banks, convenience stores, parks, and restaurants. Howard is home to men ranging in age from their 40s-60s with mental health diagnoses and medical conditions who are all long-term residents of the home. The home itself is two stories, with all four bedrooms on the upper floor, accessible only by stairs. The home has a large deck in the back and a nice yard shaded by a sugar maple tree. Howard has a quiet, relaxing, and inviting environment and the staff have extensive experience and training working with individuals with mental health diagnoses and medical needs.
Adult Supported Living Setting Mora, MN The RSI Mora program is currently home to women in their 30s who are living with developmental disabilities and mental illness. Located in a quiet neighborhood, the home itself is a rambler-style with two levels. It is not wheelchair accessible. The caregiving team at the Mora home has received extensive training in Positive Behavior Supports and Person-Centered Thinking. The individuals currently living in the home enjoy a variety of activities, including visiting local parks, fishing, community events, and walks in the neighborhood. 
Adult Supported Living Setting Mora, MN The Village Green 2 home is located in Mora, a few miles away from the downtown area. The program is currently providing support for men in their 50s and 60s. The home itself is a two-level split entry, with the open bedroom being on the upper level, accessible only by stairs. The gentlemen living at Village Green 2 enjoy bowling, music in the park, walking trails, bingo, horseback riding, and other events in the community and surrounding areas in their free time. The caregivers providing services at this location have received extensive training in a variety of supports, including financial management, household management, household skills, medication and health management, and Person-Centered Thinking.
Youth Supported Living Setting Mora, MN The Jewell program is located in a quiet, residential neighborhood located in Mora, MN. The setting is designed to support youth girls with physical and developmental disabilities, and/or mental health diagnoses. This program is a 4-bedroom, split-level home with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a living area on each floor, as well as a fenced-in backyard for play. It is currently not wheelchair accessible. The program is located less than 5 minutes away from shopping, restaurants, and the FirstLight Hospital. There are also plenty of schools, parks, and the Mora Library located nearby. Our goal is to provide a nurturing, structured environment that is fun, person-centered, supportive and positive for all.
Adult Supported Living Setting North Branch, MN The RSI North Branch home is located near downtown and is approximately 45 miles north of the Twin Cities. The home is three levels with a front porch and back deck, located in convenient walking distance from several restaurants and stores. The home is non-accessible. The North Branch program supports women in their 20s-30s with a co-ed team of staff who have experience supporting individuals living with mental illness, self-injurious behaviors, and various medical conditions. The people currently living in this home enjoy spending time outdoors, playing card games, watching movies, going for walks, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. There is a cat living in the home.
Adult Supported Living Setting Pine City, MN The Pine City program is located on a quiet residential street in Pine City, MN. The home currently supports three men ranging in age from their mid-20s to mid-30s. Due to the preference of the individuals currently living at the home, this opening would be best suited for a man. The individuals at the program enjoy a peaceful, quiet home life. The open bedroom is located on the lower level of the home. The location is not fully accessible as there is a small set of stairs to get into the house. The caregivers at the Pine City program have extensive experience working with individuals with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and medical needs.
In-Home Adult, Children, and Family Supports Minnesota RSI’s In-Home Program offers a variety of supports to individuals who are residing in independent settings such as their own homes, apartments, Board and Lodging Homes, Assisted Living Apartments, public housing, and other private living settings. The program supports men, women, and youth.

These supports are directed toward empowering individuals to remain living independently in their own homes as long as possible. RSI services are very broad in location and service delivery including Northern and Southern St. Louis County, Carlton County, Lake County. Currently established programs located in 7E, Cambridge, Wyoming, Moose Lake, Cloquet, Carlton, Duluth, Virginia/Cook, Two Harbors. Open to referrals in additional areas. Can call (218) 740-7615 or Referral Line at (218) 733-9225 x2.

For information on other openings or to make a referral contact (218) 733-9225, Ext. 4 or download our referral form (pdf).