Person-Centered Thinking Training

Central to quality service delivery is quality staff training, and RSI has invested heavily in making sure our staff are set up to succeed.  New employees are welcomed with Person-Centered Thinking (PCT) training at onboarding. All staff complete a One Page Description training, which teaches some commonly used discovery and everyday listening tools.  Staff also create a One Page Description for themselves to introduce themselves to their program teams. The focus is on changing perspective from caring for people, to providing balanced support between what is important to a person and what is important for a person.  

All RSI leaders are asked to attend the 2 day Person-Centered Thinking training which teaches a variety of tools and skills to help participants change their thinking from a priority of fixing what is wrong with a person to supporting each person’s opportunities to share their gifts and live an everyday life.  PCT concepts and skills are honed through case studies and group work.

In addition RSI employs several PCT Coach trainers, and has trained many of our staff as Person Centered Thinking Coaches.  During this 6 day training program coaches practice PCT skills to embed PCT into everyday work. They help other team members turn newly learned PCT skills into habit and assist those stuck in old ways of thinking to positive outcomes.  

If you are interested in 2 day Person-Centered Thinking training or PCT Coach training for your organization, contact [email protected].

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