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Everyone Reaching Their Full Potential

Anyone with any level of disability can be supported successfully in the community. RSI was founded on that belief, and it continues to guide everything we do.

We strive to provide innovative supports that allow people with disabilities to live meaningful lives. Person-centered care is the basis for many of the supports we offer. We encourage goals and dreams and create individualized supports to help people achieve them.

The idea of home is a key part of our services. To us, that means providing settings where people receiving services feel comfortable and secure. We take the time to get to know the people we serve because we believe that is the only way to truly meet their needs.

An example of this in action is Positive Behavior Support, a strategy that involves understanding and eliminating the rewards for negative behavior. We then create positive behavior supports, which are tailored to each client.

From assistive technology to nursing care, our services are designed to help clients live the lifestyle they want. By focusing on innovation and quality, we will continue to support people with disabilities in achieving their desires for years to come.

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