Coping with Adversity

By: Roni Horak, RSI Clinical Director for Behavioral Health and Counseling Services

During times of adversity, I look back on my past. I have found a pattern in the skills I’ve used to get through. I would like to share some of the tools in my toolbox that I think could be helpful to others during this challenging time.

1) Work with what you CAN control. For example, I can try to limit my exposure to things I know cause me stress.

2) Focus on what I CAN do versus what I CAN’T do. This is a healthier form of thinking. I can eat healthy, sleep well, and I can use self-care skills. I can control my social distancing. I can use this time as an opportunity to grow within myself and discover new things about myself.

3) Try to stay away from the possibilities and work with the probability. I work with what I know. So many thoughts go through my mind, but I refocus and work on what I am doing to eliminate possibilities and strengthen my sense of safety. I am eating nutritious foods, staying home, cleaning my environment, washing my hands, exercising, staying busy, taking deep breaths, taking vitamins, reducing contact, and praying.

What tools have you been using to cope?

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