Thoughts on Mindfulness and Anxiety

By: Roni Horak, RSI Clinical Director for Behavioral Health and Counseling Services

During this time of uncertainty there is a great deal of fear and anxiety. This profound fear and anxiety we may be experiencing during this time can lead us down a path to so many places in our thoughts and emotions. Today I am focusing on my path and making sure I keep it healthy in relation to my mind and emotions. This is a time when I need to center myself and pull out my own tools for wellness. My path will need plenty of resting areas where I can sit and take a deep breath. I will sit on that bench, breathe the fresh air, listen to the birds, and take in glorious sounds. I will sit on that bench and be very present in that moment to what I smell, see, and hear. Mindfulness of the moment, being present in the moment, and recognizing what my senses are taking in.

You don’t have to go outside to visualize your path, you can simply create that path at home in various ways. “What else is in my path you may ask?” Control is in my path. As I walk that path I realize how much control I have and stay focused on what I can control and gain a sense of empowerment with this realization. Go create your path, sit on that bench, and take a deep breath. We will get through this together.

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