Residential Openings

Title Location Description
Board and Lodge Biwabik, MN Bray Board and Lodge is located in Biwabik, MN, 60 miles north of Duluth and 13 miles southeast of Virginia, MN.

Bray House supports adults with mental health diagnoses, traumatic brain injury, or related conditions. Board and Lodge programs provide Supportive and Health Supervision Services, which encompasses lodging and meals, supervision, and minimal assistance with independent living skills such as social and recreational opportunities, assistance with transportation, arranging for meetings and appointments, and arranging for medical and social services.

Independent Living Setting Brookston, MN The focus of the Westbrook Transitional In-Home program offers continued support for the individual by providing the person with the opportunity to live in their own apartment, adding to their skills in the areas of budgeting, menu and meal preparation, organizing and planning daily life skills, and socialization skills. The apartments are not typically served 24/7. Individuals are generally more independent, often employed in the community. The apartments are not handicapped accessible and individuals must be able to independently use stairs. The program typically serves all males.

The Westbrook Transitional In-Home program is located 20 miles west of Duluth on a beautiful 160-acre farm nestled in the St. Louis River valley in Brookston, Minnesota. The program offers individualized supports for males living apartment settings. Independent livings skills are developed at this program, including budgeting, menu and meal preparation, organization, daily living skills, and socialization skills. The Westbrook apartments are not handicap accessible and individuals living at the program must be able to use stairs independently.

Supported Living Setting Cambridge, MN The Carriage Hills program in Cambridge, MN currently supports women in their 20s with mental health diagnoses and cognitive disabilities. The home is located near the highway and is within walking distance of several retail stores and gas stations. The home is also within walking distance of a trail system and public park. Individuals living in this home must be able to independently use stairs as the home is not accessible. The caregivers at the Carriage Hills home have extensive training and experience working with individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental illness, substance abuse, trauma, and PTSD. The individuals currently living at the home have a variety of interests and hobbies, and enjoy playing card and board games, walking on the trails by the home, and visiting local spots like the bowling alley and library.
Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN RSI’s Hunter’s Park home is located in the Woodland area of Duluth. This setting currently provides supports for individuals who have profound developmental disabilities. The gentleman who currently live in the home enjoy activities such as walks, music, and swimming at the gym. They are extremely vulnerable and have no ability to protect themselves from physical and/or verbal aggression from others, so placement of individuals who exhibit these kinds of behavior would not be appropriate. The opening that is available does have its own sitting area, bathroom and bedroom and is wheelchair accessible.
Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN RSI’s Morley Park home is located in the quiet Woodland neighborhood in Duluth, MN. The setting is licensed to support two individuals and currently serves a woman in her 30s. As this woman is very vulnerable to verbal and physical aggression from others, placement of individuals who display this behavior would not be appropriate for her. She enjoys the quiet life and appreciates that the Morley Park home provides a peaceful environment where she can enjoy watching movies and writing in her journal. The staff at the Morley Park home have extensive training and experience working with women with mental health diagnoses, but the program is also able to support an individual with medical and physical care needs.
Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN RSI’s Oregon Creek home is located on a large lot off of Woodland Avenue in Duluth near UMD. The ranch-style home is on a busy street near parks, baseball fields, and hiking trails. Oregon Creek is currently home to three men in their 40s through 60s who are receiving support for physical disabilities, mental health diagnoses, and medical needs. The home is fully accessible with spacious bedrooms and wide hallways. The home is staffed with multiple caregivers throughout the day, and one awake and one asleep overnight staff each night. The staff at Oregon Creek have extensive training and experience in using lifts and other adaptive equipment to support individuals who use wheelchairs.
Supported Living Setting Duluth, MN The Skyline house is located in the lower Piedmont area in Duluth and currently serves only women. The home is a split level with two bedrooms on each floor with a large yard and has a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is located near a shopping district and has access to the bus line. It is not wheelchair accessible.
The program specializes in supporting individuals with mental health diagnoses. Staff have been trained extensively in a variety of mental health disorders and the challenges that accompany them. The women currently living at the Skyline home are active in their community both vocationally and recreationally.
Supported Living Setting Mora, MN RSI’s Village Green 1 home is located in Mora, a few miles from the downtown area. The program is currently supporting women with developmental disabilities who range in age from their 30s-50s. Another woman would be an ideal fit for this home. The house itself is two stories, with a wheelchair ramp to enter the home, and the accessible open bedroom on the main floor. The individuals currently living in the home work during the day. The caregivers at the Village Green 1 home have extensive experience and training in providing medication management, behavioral support, and financial management.
Supported Living Setting Princeton, MN The RSI Princeton program is located near Civic Center Park and currently supports elderly adult men and women living with mental illness. The individuals at this program enjoy a variety of activities in and out of the home including musical interests, shopping, and outdoor recreation like visiting local parks, attending community activities, and walks in the neighborhood. The program is not wheelchair accessible but does have an accessible shower. The staff at the Princeton home have extensive training and experience working with individuals with mental health diagnoses.
Supported Living Setting Virginia, MN The Bailey’s home is located in Virginia, MN and currently supports men ranging in age from 40-70 years old. The main level of the home includes a living space, kitchen, office, and restroom. Individuals living at the Bailey’s home must be able to use stairs as all four bedrooms are located on the second floor, with laundry facilities on the basement level. The individuals currently being supported at Bailey’s enjoy a variety of interests, including walks in the community, local sporting events, volunteer opportunities, music, fishing, and tending to the home’s vegetable garden. The staff at Bailey’s have received extensive training in supporting individuals with mental health diagnoses, nonviolent crisis techniques, therapeutic boundaries, person-centered thinking, and much more.
In-Home Adult, Children, and Family Supports Minnesota RSI’s In-Home Program offers a variety of supports to individuals who are residing in independent settings such as their own homes, apartments, Board and Lodging Homes, Assisted Living Apartments, public housing, and other private living settings. The program supports men, women, and youth.

These supports are directed toward empowering individuals to remain living independently in their own homes as long as possible. RSI services are very broad in location and service delivery including Northern and Southern St. Louis County, Carlton County, Lake County. Currently established programs located in 7E, Cambridge, Wyoming, Moose Lake, Cloquet, Carlton, Duluth, Virginia/Cook, Two Harbors. Open to referrals in additional areas. Can call (218) 740-7615 or Referral Line at (218) 733-9225 x2.

For information on other openings or to make a referral contact 218-733-9225, Ext. 4 or download our referral form (pdf).